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After virtual learning, you may have concerns about your child’s learning. We thoroughly assess for attention issues, dyslexia, memory problems, and giftedness. 

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An advanced ADHD assessment incorporates neuropsychological testing, IQ, behavior analysis, multiple forms of continuous performance testing, input from parents and educators, and medication evaluation. We now incorporate virtual reality testing into our evaluations!

ADHD testing has advanced greatly in the past few years, aided by continuous performance testing. We use multiple forms of these neuropsychological tests to evaluate visual and auditory attention as well as motion! We analyze impulsivity in depth. We are able to tailor recommendations to the precise amount of time your attention drifts.

Learning Assessment

We provide very thorough neuropsychological evaluations to determine learning challenges, like dyslexia or dsygraphia. We start by providing a thorough assessment of learning differences. Then we search for strengths. Why do our learning challenges assessment focus on strengths?

We work hard to create purposeful, dynamic recommendations. We need a realistic understanding of strengths to develop recommendations you or your child will actually follow. This will enhance compliance and success.

We also need a thorough neuropsychological evaluation to determine appropriate recommendations. We use neuropsych tests to determine how a student learns. This informs us which interventions will work best with your child.

Gifted Assessment

From the NAGC:

“Giftedness, intelligence, and talent are fluid concepts and may look different in different contexts and cultures. Even within schools you will find a range of beliefs about the word “gifted,” which has become a term with multiple meanings and much nuance.   Gifted children may develop asynchronously: their minds are often ahead of their physical growth, and specific cognitive and social-emotional functions can develop unevenly.  Some gifted children with exceptional aptitude may not demonstrate outstanding levels of achievement due to environmental circumstances such as limited opportunities to learn as a result of poverty, discrimination, or cultural barriers; due to physical or learning disabilities; or due to motivational or emotional problems.  This dichotomy between potential for and demonstrated achievement has implications for schools as they design programs and services for gifted students.”

Dr. Mulchay has trained in Gifted Assessment by Steven Pfeiffer, PhD, ABPP.  Gifted Assessment includes intelligence, academic, memory, and creativity testing.

Parent Consultation – IEP and 504 Help

Schedule a parent consultation with our 20 year veteran school psychologist, Jennifer Griffin.  After a comprehensive review of assessment and school data, Jennifer will offer you ideas about how to get the most support possible for your child.  During this meeting she can provide you with a clear understanding of the process of seeking a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Jennifer is also available to partner with families by attending school meetings (i.e., IEP meetings, 504 plan meetings or Student Support Team meetings). School meetings can often feel overwhelming, so having someone familiar with the process, paperwork, and school language can be helpful.

Services for Attorneys

Attorneys often ask Dr. Mulchay to conduct child custody evaluations.

  • Dr. Mulchay is also available for litigation support and review work.

  • Dr. Mulchay is available to assist attorneys in case consultation and strategy. He can also assist by educating the Court.

  • He is available to review psychological evaluations and custody evaluations.

  • If you have an unfavorable report, Dr. Mulchay can help by identifying deficiencies in the report.

  • If you have a favorable report, Dr. Mulchay can help analyze the report to prepare for cross-examination.

  • Attorneys interested in these services can contact Dr. Mulchay’s assistant, Kia, to schedule a consultation.


Dr. Mulchay provides consultation to psychologists interested in three topics:

1. ADHD Assessment

2. Family Law/Custodial Evaluation

3. Remote Tele-health Assessment